The guide to discover every important aspect of a solar system so that you can shop for solar with confidence.  

Must have guide for all homeowners. 
  • Get the truth about pricing to eliminate potential SCAM quotes. 
  • Discover how to effortlessly identify a solar broker to avoid being taken advantage of.
  • Blueprint of what questions to ask in any solar "consultation".
  • ​Checklist of the five promises you MUST get in writing.
  • ​Everything needed to get results, and NOT remorse. 
At a time when there are grid uncertainties, it is our
responsibility to give people certainty and confidence in solar energy. I guarantee that if you download the guide, you will save thousands more with solar than you otherwise would have, even if we never connect again. I aim to put the power in your hands. 
Without a solar appointment you will discover...
  • How solar is priced, and a ballpark on what to expect when you start getting quotes. 
  • ​The different types of solar sales people and solar companies, and what to look out for. 
  • ​The truth about your roof and what to expect for your power production. 
  • ​The MOST important thing to get in writing from any solar contractor. 
  • What types of home batteries there are, and which ones will work for you. 
  • ​How solar and batteries work during an outage. 
  • ​Who the top battery brands are that produce the most reliable options. 
  • ​The different ratings on batteries, what they mean, and which ones are important. 

Who is Westhaven Power?

Solar Systems Installed
Years of Experience on the Westhaven Team.
In savings for our customers over the past 10 years.

What our customers say.

A focus on aesthetics.

We make your house look beautiful with solar panels.

  • Westhaven goes the extra mile when it comes to aesthetics
  • Maintain your home's stunning good looks
  • We want your neighbors to be jealous of your roof
  • ​Maximize resale value with a system that matches your home

The perfect design.

  • Westhaven uses the latest in lidar and satellite imagery technology to design a system that is sure to produce what you need. 
  • Historic weather data, roof azimuth, trees and nearby houses are all taken into account when your system is designed. 
  • We ensure that both aesthetics and performance are kept at the top of mind when determining panel location. 
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